Worple Road

This property in West Wimbledon was on the market for two years, attracting almost no interest.

Why the property didn’t sell:

  • Not safe for children because of proximity to main road Poor lighting due to trees at the front of the property Inefficient use of space inside the house
  • Not enough rooms
  • Unkempt garden Dated interior design

How we transformed the property into a saleable asset

  • Installed electric gate for security and safety The light-obstructing trees at the front
  • Relocated the kitchen to the rear of property and converted a dated conservatory to an open-plan living space with a separate reception room at the front
  • Converted the large loft space into an en-suite bedroom
  • Removed big tree from garden and created a modern garden with hot tub
  • Cladded the house with Western Red Cedar Cladding