The intricacies of this project remain veiled until the final result is unveiled, aligning perfectly with the expectations for any development. However, it effectively underscores the technical expertise of the Raynes Construction team.

Project Summary: The central goal revolved around an extensive property renovation that encompassed the following aspects:

  • Refurbishment of the ground floor
  • Expansion of both side and rear areas
  • Construction of a patio
  • Renovation of the first-floor bathroom
  • Establishment of a utility room
  • Addition of a ground floor WC

Oakway ( Blay House) ground Floor Rear and Side Extension

Challenges: Various challenges emerged during the project, including:

  • Contractors taking leave due to the holiday period
  • Deviations in the drainage plan from the initial proposal
  • A need to redesign the roof due to its shallowness
  • Delays in glazing-related components.

Cost of Project £132,653